Is There A Link Between Tesla & The Great Pyramid?

There are now numerous researchers who have speculated that the Great Pyramid at Giza could be some sort of highly developed machine.  Dr Joseph Farrell, Graham Hancock, Brian Forrester and many other researchers have asked questions about the design and function of teh Pyramids.

As tombs, the Pyramids simply dont make sense.

Archeology is based upon a presumption that civilisation is no older than 6000 years.  This presumption is rooted in deference to the power of Christian theology that insists that this be the case.

Many analysts of our ancient history suspect that human history dates well back beyond 4000BC.

It is suggested by many of these people that human civilisation was pretty much wiped out in a catclysmic event that may have involved a  comet strike, possibly as little as ten thousand years ago.

Jimmy at Bright Insight gives a quick analysis of these theories and marries them to Tesla’s advanced theories on energy gemeration.

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